A new era of training has arrived?

After almost 30 years of creating electronic-based training have we reached a new training era?

I was recently preparing for an article and presentation on eLearning for the AITD (http://www.aitd.com.au/training/Training_Development_in_Australia_magazine ).  I had intended on it being about training in this ‘new era’ of electronic learning in organisations but as I was flicking through past issues of AITD magazine, I came to see a pattern which intrigued me.

Although many things have changed throughout the years from the ‘computer aided instruction’ days in the mid-80’s to online learning and now most recently eLearning through Internet, social media, ‘programming free’ applications, laptops, netbooks, smartphones, and tablets, the same discussion about eLearning is occurring. Catriona MacLeod wrote in 1983 about the benefits of computer aided instruction and the need for a good materials designer (course author), the need for more time and higher (or additional) skill level as an instructor. We are still talking about it.

We have left some of the old technologies behind but we have been slow to take the advice and lessons learned. It is time to build the capabilities of trainers, and truly value the unique skills required for eLearning. After all, it is no longer ‘should we have eLearning’ it is ‘how well will we do it’.

– Bronte

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