ELearning Provides Control

A large organisation was installing a new piece of electronic equipment in 14 locations across the country. The equipment would be used by about 800 employees. They all needed to receive the training when the equipment was installed. It was identified that supervisors could play a role in the training but there was concern that all the employees should receive the same training and receive the correct messages about its use and priorities.

The solution was an online training course followed by a practical session with a supervisor. The online was scenario-based, giving the learner practice at interpreting the procedures and making decisions. The online included images and simple simulations to become familiar with the equipment. The impact of the online training was seen in the practicals. Those who completed the online training were both confident and competent in using the new equipment in significantly less time than those who did not complete the online training first.

Online learning can provide value in the control of the training. It can provide consistency in the content, the accuracy of its delivery and the key messages. When online, and not on a CD, it can be centrally updated and provide clear version control – everyone is using the latest version.


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