eLearning lament

About 12 months ago, I assisted an organisation to enrol and support 26 of their staff in a Diploma of Project Management. The nine month program involved six workshops and the application of theory to a project in the workplace. The participants chose to participate.

23 of the participants have completed the Diploma by the prescribed date and the other three were expected to complete it but needed some extra time and support.

Two days ago, I went to their graduation. It was wonderful. All the participants had been excited by the program and gave wonderful praise for their facilitator. In the speeches and conversation, there was recognition of the positive impact the program was already having on project outcomes. It made me remember the thrill of seeing students make learning breakthroughs and to be excited about their achievements. As an eLearning developer, it is something we rarely see with self-paced eLearning. We get the occasional email from a student, or they complete feedback forms, but we often have to rely on the nods of approval from a trainer or manager.

I am not about to give up designing eLearning because I love the challenge of instructional design, but it does make me wonder who is on other end of the computer cable and whether they are excited about the learning – especially since most of the eLearning we design is for mandatory training for an organisation.

– Bronte

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