We want eLearning – now what? Part 5 – Value for money

When implementing eLearning, the goal is to provide an eLearning strategy that delivers an appropriate cost benefit.

What does eLearning cost?

For this, I will refer to a report by the Chapman Alliance – How Long Does it Take to Create Learning?  According to this report, the average internal cost for creating 1 finished hour of Level 2 eLearning is 184 hours or US$18,583. To this, you can add the cost of any applications, training staff and implementing change.

Will eLearning save you money?

eLearning has the potential to save you money if you have a large budget for travel and accommodation to provide training or you significantly reduce classroom or contact time. In most cases, however, I have found that eLearning does not save money, but it opens up opportunities to increase income or prevent additional costs.

To determine at what point it becomes economical, consider:

  • How often will the training be repeated?
    Online training can be developed once and re-used, whereas the number of classroom hours for instructor led continues to increase.
  • Do the learners or instructors need to travel?
    Online learning can reduce travel costs.

The next blog will be the final in this series and will talk about the process of implementing the eLearning strategy.

– Bronte

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