We want eLearning – Now what? Part 6 – Achieving success

This is the final post in a six part series on implementing eLearning.

For your eLearning to be successful and give you value for money, people need to use it.

As with any major change, a good implementation plan and strategy for supporting change is needed. The type and cost of the support needed will be determined by the picture of your organisation and your individual learners.

When I have implemented eLearning, I have found a few things that contributed to its success:

Getting the support of the senior executive right at the beginning

Marketing – The surveys I used at the beginning also formed part of the marketing, because they informed people of the change that is coming. They also gave me information about what the learners wanted to see in elearning and what their greatest challenges to participation would be. Valuable information for planning support strategies.

Starting small. We ran a pilot first to test the system and found out where things are most likely to go wrong. It also gave us experience – for example, how long it took to develop the eLearning – and gave us a chance to build our skills and expertise.

If you are looking for a quick resource to help you develop a strategy for the uptake of eLearning, you could try the one on Change Management from MindTools

Bringing eLearning into your organisation or program can be a major change and, for it to be successful to the point of growing a business and giving you value for money, I have not found any shortcuts. I have found that:

  • I have to create specifications that represent the business by making sure it supports the business’s overall objectives, having a clear picture of the business with regard to training and knowing the learners
  • I need to learn about the eLearning technology
  • There needs to be a business case that demonstrates value for money
  • I need to have the infrastructure, expertise and skills to implement and sustain it
  • I need a strategy for change

This brings me to the end of our series of blogs on ‘We want eLearning – Now what?’

The first, and perhaps most important step, for implementing eLearning has nothing to do with the technology. It is being clear on your business objectives and having a clear picture of your organisation. If you want value for money and benefits for your learners, the eLearning technology that you implement should provide a solution to business and learning needs that have been clearly articulated.

If you need any assistance in implementing the eLearning you need, contact us and we will be happy to provide assistance.

– Bronte

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