Bronte Moran – Selected Presentations

Choosing eLearning? Quality Matters, (workshop with Colleen Ortega), The Australian eLearning Congress, Melbourne, February 13, 2014 (Invited speaker)
Implementing a learning management system
, The Australian eLearning Congress, Melbourne, February 12, 2014 (Invited speaker)
Developing content for learning online, Australian Institute of Training and Development Conference, Sydney, April 19, 2012
We want eLearning, now what, AITD Webinar, March 29, 2012
Step up to the plate of eLearning,  AITD Seminar – An Evening with the Experts, Adelaide, September 29, 2011
Planning and designing an objective test, South Australia Police Academy, Taperoo, November 19, 2008
Planning and designing training in SAPOL, September 3, 2008, South Australia Police Academy, Taperoo
Evaluating online training – the good, the bad and the ugly, LearnX Asia Pacific 2008, Melbourne, June 12-13, 2008,
Flexible delivery within South Australia Police, Public Sector HR Convention, Adelaide, October 27, 2005 (Invited speaker)
Implementing online learning to create blended training solutions, 5th Annual Training World, Sydney, October 19, 2005 (Invited speaker)
Planning for continuation of flexible learning – a LearnScope case study, E-dayz, Adelaide, September 29, 2005
Designing flexible learning to suit your workplace and budget, E-dayz, Adelaide, November 11, 2004 (Invited speaker)
Computer Aided Learning Workshops, Northern Territory Police, Darwin, September 8-10, 2004 (Invited speaker)
With Coghlan, M. Flexible options for training – using them to your advantage,  South Australia Police Academy, Taperoo, September 3, 2004 (Invited speaker)
What IT and e-learning skills do trainers need?, LearnScope Start-up 2004, Adelaide, July 1, 2004 (Invited speaker)
With Bryson, P. Developing online content, E-dayz – getting equipped for e-learning, Adelaide, September 27, 2002, LearnScope