Does online learning save an employer money?

Online training can save an employer money – sometimes. In my experience, one hour of online training can require, on average, about 100 hours of development. The actual time is dependent on the degree of computer-based interactions and the amount of multimedia, such as video, audio, and Flash. The more it includes, the longer it […]

How does online training compare with classroom-based training?

Research indicates that online training, when used alone, is not superior to classroom-based training. The overall learner achievement is similar. However, when both mediums are used together, they provide a significant improvement in learner achievement. (Center for Technology in Learning. Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: a Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies, […]

Valuing eLearning

The use of e-learning by employers is increasing. In the 2010 E-learning Benchmarking Survey, 50% of Australian businesses reported that they were using e-learning. In addition, 60% said they expected to increase their use of e-learning and 85% would encourage their employees to use it for training. The majority of employers surveyed believe that e-learning […]

Step up to the plate of eLearning

So if it’s no longer ‘if we will do eLearning but how well we will do it’ what does this mean going forward? This means we need to step up to the plate of eLearning. As the saying goes if we keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll get what we always got. If we use […]

Moving with the times

Ok, we’re geared up on the benefits of eLearning, we’ve got the skills and equipment as learners to engage with eLearning, and slowly those ‘in charge’ of creating the learning (trainers, teachers, professors, L&D staff, etc) are up-skilling to create good online content, but who is putting the eLearning out there for their participants, students, […]


A new era of training has arrived?

After almost 30 years of creating electronic-based training have we reached a new training era? I was recently preparing for an article and presentation on eLearning for the AITD ( ).  I had intended on it being about training in this ‘new era’ of electronic learning in organisations but as I was flicking through past issues […]

PM and Bronte

Forget the Politics, eLearning goes to the top!

Forget the politics, it was a highlight of my career to be introduced to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. She came to Adelaide in October 2010 to award $2.53m to the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission for their E-mergency Connect project. The bulk of the funding was for the development and implementation of […]