Does your eLearning support cognition or present content?

I recently read the article “What forty years of research says about the impact of technology on learning: a second-order meta-analysis and validation study” by RM Tamim, et al. It was published in The Review of Educational Research, vol 81, March 2011. Firstly, the article contains some quotes that are excellent reminders of the importance […]

Bells and whistles do not equal interactive learning

Most of us are familiar with versions of the Learning Pyramid developed by the National Training Laboratories. You can see an example of it at The key message is – the more we participate in the learning, the more we retain. You will notice that ‘audio-visual’ is listed as a passive teaching method – […]

eLearning lament

About 12 months ago, I assisted an organisation to enrol and support 26 of their staff in a Diploma of Project Management. The nine month program involved six workshops and the application of theory to a project in the workplace. The participants chose to participate. 23 of the participants have completed the Diploma by the […]